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Image by Elizabeth Pishal

Hi! I'm Whitney


I am your Healthy Hair Wellness Coach! As a Natural Hair Care & Growth Industry Expert and Trichology Practitioner, As the Creator, CEO and Founder of Her Growing Hands, I take a holistic approach to natural hair wellness that incorporates real results, simple yet effective regimens into your lifestyle. With over 20 years of healthy natural hair experience and developing Her Growing Hands methodologies Ive truly unlocked the keys to eliminating dryness and retaining healthy length.  

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THIS IS MY story

I first began my own natural hair journey almost 20 years ago after my 1st big chop, with no help or guidance. Over the years I made it my mission to develop  Her Growing Hands Methodologies and Juices & Botanics- luxury products that were scientifically formulated and solution based.  After years of being a “Product Junkie” myself and not finding a consistent product line that alleviated my own dryness, manageability, moisture and length retention.


 I knew that I wanted to close this gap for myself and so many others. My real life behind the chair experience with my salon Her Growing Hands has with thousands of textured hair clients helped me to cultivate, create and ultimately refine the natural hair experience. Helping thousands of women with their own natural hair journey’s provided such clarity, purity & certainty that comes with developing this methothdology and product line.  


My approach is a holistic approach to hair wellness that incorporates powerful yet light-weight ingredients from nature and science couple with my methods to deliver real growth results. 


Everything I create and use and easily absorbed into your stands and work in tandem to help address hair health. We understand the science of natural hair.  My inside-out approach factors in the health of the entire follicular ecosystem and works to promote a healthy environment for your natural hair to thrive. 

What  it means to 

Grow Different

I intentionally set out to create a solid regimen and products that really performed for textured hair and products that actually made a difference in the health, ease,  flow and manageability of natural hair. It was important to me to create a step-by-step routine that people could follow that would provide them the optimal experience quality formulas that were tailored specifically to provide a wellness solution and mitigate issues with dryness that so many naturals face. 


I remember all of the “traumas” that I’ve endured related to my own hair. I know that universally Black Women have never really been taught how to take care of our natural  hair. That’s where I come in! Natural hair is like a language that I speak. I’ve learned our hair. I know our hair. I believe in our hair. I ultimately love our hair. I believe by honoring your crown, you honor yourself. By honoring yourself, you honor who you were created to be. 

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