"I am really pleased with the texture and growth of my hair since coming."

- Anhee M.


"Whitney has perfected her craft. She teaches you to care for your hair versus just styling your hair. She is amazing."

- Cookie W


"Fantastic person, great personality, very knowledgeable and informative. Values people and their hair #growinghandsblessingfromGod"

- Kat M.


"I love how thorough she is! She cares about your hair and will teach you how to love your hair in it's natural state. She is hardcore, but it's only because she cares about you/your hair!"

- Danecia J.


"Whitney is very informative and I love, that she loves... my hair!!!!"

- Chas W.


"Wow. For once in my life, I've felt like someone took the time to educate me about proper hair care with my own hair in mind. Whitney went told me exactly the steps she would take with my hair instead of just diving through the motions. I've had some bad experiences with hair care professionals in the past but I truly felt my hair was in good hands with Whitney. Thank you so much and I'm looking forward to reaching my goal!"

- Sarah H.


"She is so amazing! She is sweet and professional. She also explains things to you and tell you what to do to maintain until your next appointment. She is the best at natural hair that I have seen! I really enjoyed this appointment. "

- Drina A.


"Whitney is absolutely excellent at what she does. She is knowledgeable, informative, and honest. She is also realistic with setting expectations around hair care and natural hair growth. She now has a loyal client in me. "

- Chantal W.


"She is amazing! Personally and professional. Her philosophy and vision will go far in my continued hair growth journey. I'm truly excited! "

- Shaliah T.


"She genuinely cares about her clients and the health of their hair. "

- Alicia J.


"I love the fact that Whitney takes her time with informing you of your hair needs. She is very direct about the does and don't of your hair, to get the end results of your hair goals. It was overall a very comfortable and relaxing visit!!! I'm very excited to begin this healthy hair journey with her."

- Jennifer B.

"Whitney was everything I expected and more. She took her time, listened, and gave me a list of things to purchase and use between visits. "

- Alicia J.


"Her ability to treat damage hair and make it healthy and new again. She's a blessing to all hair, she truly has growing hands I'm so thankful I found her."

- Tanisha T.


"I can't say anything new that you have heard about this talented lady already. My hair literally feels like silk and she walked me through it every step of the way. My hair is officially in good hands. Best stylist ever!!!! I feel like a movie star right now lol"

- Alexandria J.


"The best. Hands down- no competition!!!! "

- Eilen C.


"Enjoyable experience, it was a pleasure to meet someone who takes pride in their art!!!"

- Janelle G.



"She is so awesome and really cares about your hair health and growth!!!! "

- Lynn W.

"Whitney is the BOMB.com! She has growing hands and my hair is coming back just because I listened to her and stop doing so much to my hair. She really cares about healthy hair."

- Tabitha C.


"Whitney is an intelligent beauty curator who understands the power in research and reliability when it comes to educating her clients on long term, hair care. She truly has miracle hands and a pure heart. She is by far my favorite hair care guru! "

- Veronica E.


"T. Lott My first appointment with Whitney was a week ago. I'm 7 yrs natural and was always apprehensive about letting anyone do my hair. Constant disappointment added to the frustrations of caring for my curly locks. What i noticed about Whitney just from viewing her work online was her genuine desire to educate her clients on how to grow their hair the right way, the healthy way. I noticed her warmth, her sincerity, her passion, her genuine love for what she does. I was truly excited to start my hair journey with her. There was never any hesitation. Her vision for the hair care industry is truly magnificent and her love for education is equally heartwarming. She crafts such a remarkable custom made plan for each of her clients and does it in such a way where its easy for them to do at home. That was literally my biggest headache, not knowing what to do with my hair, how to do it, what to use and how little or how much i would need. I can't begin to tell you how comfortable Whitney made this process for me. She believes in her clients, she wants them to achieve their hair goals, and she's kind enough to walk us through it step by step. To me, that's where a person's love for their craft begins to take shape. Her personality shines through her gorgeous and devine demeanor. This woman has a GIFT not many posess or even understand. Quality over quantity is a big deal in my book. She encompasses the former so incredibly well. I've made a new friend! Her bubbly personality is highly contagious. Her talent has truly touched my heart, and countless others. I was in my local sally's picking up more of whitneys suggested products and ran into another lady who saw her the day before i did! I knew whitney did her hair based on what she was buying lol!! We had a good time sharing our mutual admiration for such a lovely lady. Our goal is in sight Whitney. Your beautiful locks are fiercely radiant, thank you for using your platform to help us achieve the same. Bravo girly, bravo!"

- TawnYikka L.



"I had my first appointment last week, I have never felt so comfortable. Whitney has a true passion for what she does and is driven by what the customer wants - she takes the time to explain and seeks confirmation that you understand the process. I am looking forward to this journey. I feel as if I have met a friend!"

- Valerie C.


"Whitney educated me thoroughly on natural hair care including the products and tools I needed for my daughters hair journey. I am 100% satisfied! She has a client for life!!! Thank you Whitney! You are truly a blessing! My daughters hair has never looked this great. You have skills!!"

- Pamela P.


"Whitney is amazing! She has brought my hair to life as well as being an amazing friend! Love going to get my hair done with Whitney, she knows exactly what you want without having to tell her! If you're looking for a wonderful stylist and someone who genuinely cares about your hair go see Whitney! ???"

- Whitney A. 


"Whitney is absolutely amazing. I really didn't know what to expect at my appointment but I was blown away. She gave me so many tips to help make my hair healthier. I made my second appointment before I left. She is worth every penny and then some. My hair is still gorgeous a week later!!!"

- Candice J.

"Whitney is sooo like the Natural Hair Whisper! I love that she's knowledgeable about her craft and is willing to help you take care of your hair while you're at home. This was my first time going to her and I can tell my hair/scalp is in love with her already. Thanks for everything Whitney! "

-Memrie  J.



"Whitney was amazing! Not only did she turn my hair into silk, she also gave me a regimen to care for my hair at home. If she ever decided to teach clients how to style, select products that will work on their hair and maintain their style I would be the first to sign up. I will definitely be going back!!!!!!!"

- Tamara C. 


"I Love the fact that she love what she is doing and very knowledgeable about natural hair. I can tell she is passionate about her gift to do natural hair and want to educate her clients about how to love and take care of their hair. "

- Barbara W.


"I appreciate that she focuses on the HEALTH of the hair."

- Kat M.


"Whitney cares and has a passion for this. I'm so glad I made that appt. I love that she teaches you about your hair as well so you go home and know what you are doing. I'm already excited for my next appt! "

- Dana W. 

"Very Professional!!! Very Knowledge about natural hair and the maintenance of natural hair!!!"

- Kelley W. 



"Whitney really cares about the overall health of her clients' hair above all else!"

- Pshyara T.



"I love that she took the time to explain my hair weaknesses and strengths. She even recommended short and long term goals in order to achieve healthy hair. I definitely recommend this cool chic lol and will be back! "

Jasmine S.


"Awesome natural hair care stylist. She is really full of knowledge. I am thankful for her service and time. Many stylist can do hair and whip you up a do, but can they educate you? give you comfort in knowing your not on this journey alone? Can they provide with the tools you need to maintain your hair while your not in the stylist seat? Not many in my opinion. Whitney is a diamond in the ruff. Her goal is for "us" to have healthy hair. "Your" hair becomes "our"hair when your with her. Check the reviews they speak for themselves!!!!"

- Grace S.


"Whitney is AMAZING she takes the time to educate you about hair care and from the moment you meet her you feel like family. She has blessed hands and my hair looks 1000 times more healthy than it has in years. "

- Adrienne G.


"She was very nice and knowledgeable and really cares about healthy hair, she went thru everything she was doing before she did and explained why! I already set my next appointment!!!!"

- Abriel S.



"Whitney is very passionate about natural hair. Explains the process of taking care of your hair very simple and thoroughly. I could tell a difference in my hair after 1 visit and look forward to many more."

- Kathy G.



"Her personality, knowledge, willingness to educate you... I mean just everything about the visit was AWESOME!!!"

- Kemy W.



"Whitney was very professional. She explained each step she did she why. She simplified my wash day and gave me great advice on products. I can't wait to see the growth! "

- Danay S.



"Whitney was awesome, she talked to me about my hair, what was going on with it and what she could do for me, she made me feel really good, I already made me next appointment, I'm excited to have a wonderful stylist. See you next month Whitney. Thank you again. "

- Tracy E.



"Whitney was absolutely amazing. I haven't worn my natural hair in over three years due to a bad experience. Whitney has changed my outlook on caring/wearing of my hair. I will definitely be a returning customer. She is very down to earth, knowledgeable, caring, patient and very informative. "

- Natasha V.



"It's been a struggle to find a beautician that could really manage my daughter's hair. I, for one, can't do her hair or my own so it's nice to finally have someone who understands what to do to make it healthy and make the hairstyle last. Whitney celebrates your hair as is....no matter the condition she is positive and uplifting about your hair care and needs. ♡"

- Kenya L.



"Whitney is very knowledgeable, honest and professional!! After only one visit, my hair has life and feels like a new head of hair. I'm excited to take this journey. I have already booked my next appointment!! Thanks Whitney, you have another life longer!! "

-Kenya W.



"Whitney did an excellent job on my hair! She told me about each product she was using. She also told me the products and also the best routine I need to achieve my hair goals. Thank you so much hun! I love my hair, see you soon! "

- Jordan M.


What's the WORD about Whitney?