Healthy Hair Care & Growth Specialist

Dre has always been captivated by NATURAL Beauty! The transformation from damaged to health motivates her as a Her Growing Hands Specialist.  After becoming a Cosmetologist she wanted to take it a step further and specialize exclusively in healthy natural hair. Having the ability to educate women on their natural tresses, allowing them to fall in love with their own hair is always her personal mission. Dre loves to show women how diverse our hair is and that it will grow with proper hair care.  Dre’s  natural experience begin in 2013 as a soldier in the United States Army, she was left with finding healthier solutions while living a combative lifestyle. It required discipline, patience, and compassion for my curls. She hopes to instill that same discipline into HGH clients with their natural hair. Training with Whitney E. AKA “The Growth Guru” has sharpened her knowledge and skillset! She invites you to trust the process and trust that you were created beautiful. She wants to bring the best out of you naturally! 


Healthy Hair Care & Growth Specialist


Ashlyn has always had a passion for the beauty industry. She completely fell in love with natural hair once she committed herself to a career in cosmetology. There was something so magical for Ashlyn about seeing the transformation of dry, unruly hair to hydrated, luscious natural locks. She wholeheartedly believes that versatility of natural hair is what makes us who we are.
Learning how to properly care for our crown has become an obsession of hers and she’s ecstatic that she’s been able to further her knowledge and experience at Her Growing Hands under Whitney AKA “The Growth Guru’s” wings. Over 3 years ago Ashlyn committed herself to a healthy natural hair journey like many Naturalista’s she grew tired of damaging styles and started practicing healthier hair habits . She fell in love with her own natural crown and is committed to giving her clients the same love, understanding and care. Ashlyn truly understands how much care and nurturing your real, natural hair needs in order to flourish. She’s dedicated to teaching other women how to fall in love with exactly who they are meant to be and helping them achieve their own personal healthy hair goals!


Healthy Hair Care & Growth Specialist

Keya knew from a young age that she had to be apart of the beauty community. As a child she had already decided that she’d become a cosmetologist. After completely her own “Big Chop” by shaving off her hair and starting from scratch in 2011, she began to truly understand the real beauty of her natural coils and curls alike. She realized how absolutely transformative and exceptionally diverse natural hair is. It was then that she committed herself to learning more about natural hair.

Whether a bomb silk press, bouncy finger coils or a glorious rod set the options are virtually endless. With the knowledge she has acquired through her own research and the training from The Growth Guru, she'll have your crown polished like new. 

She specializes in making clients feel their very best by providing an experience. She exudes professionalism, punctuality and perfection with each and every curly beauty that sits in her chair and is over joyed to be apart of a team that values the same. 

Lachay b.

Healthy Hair Care & Growth Specialist

LaChay is a natural hair aficionado. She fell in love with natural hair 5 years ago and is passionate about giving an exceptional  natural “hair therapy” experience to every woman no matter the texture or age. LaChay is serious about educating her clients & inspiring them to love their natural crown the way it grows from the scalp. She absolutely loves the versatility and creativity of natural hair . She says “Natural hair is magic ! YESSSSS magic , don’t let those natural curls ,kinks and coils fool you! A curl that stops at the chin can magically stretch to mid back, Shrinkage is real !”While working directly under the direction of Whitney Eaddy “The Growth Guru” LaChay cultivated a deep understanding of Her Growing Hands methodology. She has also been Whitney’s go to personal stylist for all major events, filimings and Photoshoots in 2018.  LaChay is also a gifted wig specialist , she can flawlessly melt your custom unit & mimic any style presented to her. LaChay is excited to get you started with a new hair regimen so she can maintain or start your healthy ,natural hair journey.

Porschea d.

Healthy Hair Care & Growth Specialist


Porschea is a REAL HAIR enthusiast, In her own words! A NATURAL HAIR Enthusiast to be exact! An experienced cosmetologist with over 10 years of experience Porschea believes that a healthy scalp and body will produce a beautiful head of healthy hair along with consistency, Her Growing Hands regimen and team work between the her and client. Porschea is also a Master Colorist and specializes in coloring textured hair the healthy way. She creates warm, natural looking color blends and transitions seamlessly! Porschea also creates custom sewing machine wigs and so much more. Healthy natural hair is her creative outlet and she loves showing black women that their hair is EVERYTHING no matter the length or texture! Porschea has trained one-on-one with Whitney- “The Growth Guru” to perfect her understanding of Her Growing Hands Methodologies. Our HGH methods coupled with Porschea’s knowledge and experience make her an extremely strong addition to our amazing team! She strongly believes it’s your natural crown you never remove. Porschea is so very excited to assist you in growing the healthiest most beautiful head of natural  hair possible! 


Healthy Hair Care & Growth Specialist

Ashley began her journey as a Cosmetologist & Naturalista over 6 years! She completely fell in LOVE with Natural Hair after her own big chop and found the power & integrity of her client’s textures and natural manes. She understands the complexity’s and challenges of the natural hair journey. She’s beyond excited to care for, educate and empower her Clients along their journey’s. Ashley began her career at Her Growing Hands as Whitney AKA The Growth Guru’s Personal Assistant gaining valuable knowledge and experience on Her Growing Hands Methodology’s and Techniques. Ashley has been able to elevate her expertise of natural hair care to new levels while working along side The Growth Guru. Ashley has also had the pleasure of working alongside celebrity designer SB Shades & the Lead Costume Designer of Tyler Perry’s Studios. With solid industry experience and natural hair knowledge Ashley has perfected her skill set to assist you in reaching your #HairGoals. She’s elated to begin this new journey with you.