Why is HGH Healthy Hair Growth Elixir Oil different?

This oil is a concentrated all-natural blend of 22 carrier, essential, organic and exotic oils that has been carefully customized to specifically target hair growth, strengthening and restoration. I have researched, tested and compounded these essential and carrier oils to target some of the most troubling issues to date: lack of moisture, thinning or shedding hair (not attributed to any major health issues), dry scalp, lack of natural shine, dandruff/itchy scalp. This oil actually penetrates the scalp and the hair follicle to assist in addressing, maybe even correcting some of these issues. (See our BENEFITS page)


How do I use the oil? 

Formulated specifically for the scalp. Apply to scalp exclusively parting every hair 1-2 inches. Massage oil vigorously into scalp for 2 minutes. Apply 2-3 times a week or daily on thin areas. This elixir was developed to deeply penetrate and properly nourish the scalp to stimulate healthy hair growth. Also follow "Whit's Hair Rules" for optimal results)



Can this oil be used on all hair types?

Yes absolutely! All ethnicities can use this product. The product can be applied to all hair textures This oil is designed as a "leave-in" scalp oil however finer textures may use as a 30-45 minute scalp treatment and rinse/shampoo out if the oil tends to be too heavy to leave in daily 

Can I use this oil all over my hair and not just my scalp?

Yes, absolutely! Practice portion control depending on how you style your hair. This elixir has numerous benefits for the overall health of the hair. It’s a concentrated formula designed to provide optimal nutrition for the hair. DO NOT use this oil as a styling product while heat styling. Heat and oil don’t mix when it comes to healthy hair. Using oils while heat styling can damage the hair.


Can I use the oil on my child?

Yes, absolutely. This oil is useful for children, however kids 8 and under systems may still be determining what their body may be allergic to. The blend is all-natural made from seeds, flowers, plants and bark. Researching the ingredients is highly recommended.  Discuss the use and ingredients with your physician. To utilize would be strictly to the consumer’s discretion. A skin patch test up to a week to rule out sensitivity or reaction is advised prior to full strength use if purchased.

Can I use the Product if I'm Pregnant or Nursing? 

The blend is all-natural with no artificial ingredients or harsh chemicals. Essential oils can travel to the bloodstream with consistent use. It is advised to research all ingredients listed in detail on the website. Discuss the use and ingredients with your physician. To utilize would be strictly to the consumer's  discretion.


Will  the oil benefit me if I have a pre-existing condition?

It is advised to research our ingredients on the website and discuss any product use and ingredients with your doctor. You must make your own assessment if you choose to try our elixir. Keep in mind, many medications for health-related issues have hair loss or thinning as a side effect. We make no claims of effectiveness as results will vary.


What  does the oil smell like??

This all-natural oil has a very pleasant herbal smell with notes of lemongrass, lavender, clove, sweet orange oil, cedar wood, and ylang ylang oil. There are no added artificial perfumes or scents


How often can I apply the oil and how long will it last me?

Each 2oz (60ml) bottle will last 30-60 days on average depending on usage


When can I expect to see results?

Each individual responds differently to the use of HGH Healthy Hair Growth Elixir. Your constant use, hair issue, conditioning treatments, massaging the scalp along with protecting the hair when heat styling plays a major role in results! Determine the cause of your hair issues, this way you can build an effective hair regimen for improvement.

Where can I purchase your product?

Currently exclusively online at www.hergrowinghands.com


Can I return the product?

We do not accept returns on our product. Results vary on a personal basis. We strongly suggest assessing your current hair condition, adhering to “Whit’s Hair Rules”, reading reviews and ingredients of our products to determine if our product suits you. Staying consistent will encourage healthier hair and scalp.