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GREENHOUSE: The structure that creates the optimal climate, protection  for optimal growth and retention. 


I’m so glad that you’re here! If you’ve been guided to my chair I know that you’re ready to take the next path along your natural journey! Welcome to The Greenhouse Tour, an intentionally cultivated holistic hair therapy experience.

I'm taking Her Growing Hands Methodology’s on the road to a few select cities to introduce ease, flow, an optimal natural hair care, growth and wellness along 
your personal journey! I look forward to seeing you soon

Love & Light,

Let's Grow Together! I'll see you in LA, NY & MIA!

Each healthy hair therapy Session is a life changing optimal experience with me, Whitney CEO and Founder of Her Growing Hands methodologies. Kick start your healthy natural hair growth journey as we assess the current state of your hair, evaluate the health of your hair/scalp, and determine your current needs. 


I’ll  advise you on how to maintain and care for your natural hair at home to achieve longer, fuller, healthier hair. Your full service includes proper Cleansing, Scalp Detox/ Exfoliation treatment (as needed), Deep Conditioning with a Deep Steam Hydration treatment, Blowout, HGH Signature Silk Press/Wrap, or Textured Care Therapy Therapy/ and Signature HGH Trim


Allow me to personally explain proper healthy hair care based on your own individual needs no matter your texture, curl pattern, density or length. These 1-on-1 private services are more comprehensive addressing  the current state of your hair, regimen, different type of alopecia, unexplained hair thinning, detangling complications, hair and scalp dryness, and more. Learn what products, styles and regimen is best for you. At Her Growing Hands I’ve consulted women within the continental U.S., Canada, The UK and several countries in Africa and the Middle East! 


Please contact HGH Executive Assistant Anajah with serious inquiry's only. We look forward to growing with you!


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